Sustainable Savings & Property Investment Funds

The Appeal of Sustainable Investment

If an investor had the opportunity to put their money toward a project that would yield them little profit, then they may be less inclined to do so. But if the same investor was in a position to maximise their ROI with a sustainable investment – then they may be far more likely to jump at the opportunity.

In a literal sense, this type of investment is one that falls into the category of socially responsible activities. It’s widely pursued by investors that are strong supporters of human rights, global care and environmental practices. There are some agencies that specialise in making their services available to these types of investments (such as Investa – one of Australia’s leading socially-inclined construction agencies).

But beyond protecting the environment and encouraging the health and well-being of the planet as a whole, this type of investment offers much more to those that choose to support it; namely the potential for a very appealing return on investment (ROI). Most investors will want to get the most out of their efforts and this is where the concept of sustainability makes itself apparent.

How beneficial can sustainability in investment be?

Consider it like this. Global warming is becoming an ever-growing concern and in a bid to minimise the impact of industries on the planet, governments from around the world are trying to implement new measures. As a result, sustainability is on the agenda for many leading authorities and none take it quite as seriously as the Australian Government.

In an attempt to promote the growth of healthier developments, such as smart homes and green buildings, several pieces of legislation have been passed that hold eco-friendly construction agencies in a much higher regard than regular service providers. They make it much simpler for funding to be sourced and in many instances, they will allow businesses that focus on socially-inclined projects to take the lead.

Although other agencies might deem this as unfair, the harsh truth is that without action the Australian environment could look very different in the space of just a couple of centuries – and this is what the authorities are attempting to combat. Where tax havens offer those that want to reduce their tax expenditure the option to do so, sustainable opportunities for investment are in place to act as a playground for investors that want to minimise their risk, whilst maximising their ROI.

And furthermore, because the main goal of sustainability is to provide a successful future; those that take part in the movement can expect to enjoy profits well into the future, as opposed to a short term return. Many investors have even been able to step away from careers by choosing the right projects to back – and it certainly seems that eco-friendly is the way forward.

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Sustainable Services and Products

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