E-Cigarettes – What Are They?

e cigarette reviewsWe’ve all heard the term, read about the hype or maybe even passed them in a store window, but what exactly are e-cigarettes? Well in technical terms, they are a form of smoking device that function via an electronic method, so that their consumers can receive a concentrated dose of nicotine.

E-cigarettes were initially developed in the early 1960’s by a leading scientist, before being released to the general public in 2004. Since their initial launch, e-cigarettes have taken the world by storm, paving the way for habitual and leisurely smokers alike to enjoy their habit, with a few minor adjustments for safety and health concerns that you won’t find present in regular cigarette or tobacco-containing products. The term ‘e-cigarettes’ (or e-cigs) simply means electronic cigarette and although their purpose is to provide their users with another option for smoking, that’s where the similarities to traditional cigarettes end!

The Why:

E-cigarettes were initially developed with the aim of providing a much safer method for smokers to enjoy their practice, with a reduction in health risks to both themselves and for those around them, via the removal of the concern of passive smoking, or second-hand smoking (SHS). Because their ability to become a viable smoking cessation product has come under fire from all angles, they are not allowed to be branded as such, but they were initially developed to help smokers to safely kick the habit.

The What:

ecigarette lookalikesThe  best electronic cigarette brands  boast a range of features, from the popular disposable versions that are available through most market retailers, all the way to the more advanced long-term investments. The difference between the two is quite simple; you can easily dispose of the disposable e-cigarettes after their use has been spent, whereas long-term e-cigarettes are made up of individual components that are easy to refill or replace.


Disposable e-cigarettes: are filled with a specific amount of liquidized nicotine which in most cases is the equivalent of two, to two and a half packets of traditional cigarettes. Once the puff-count has been exhausted, the e-cigarette is finished with and you can simply bin the parts, or have them recycled if your local authority allows. Disposable e-cigarettes range in price and you can expect the features to climb and fall to suit. Overall, you can expect a saving when compared to buying their natural equivalents, and a much better outlook for your health.

Long-term e-cigarettes, rechareable / refillable: differ in the fact that, rather than binning them when you’re finished, you can purchase replacement parts to refill them yourself. It’s not complicated at all; in fact it’s as easy as sliding out the old and empty cartridge and slotting the new one in its place. These types of e-cigarettes also come with rechargeable batteries, so that rather than waiting until you’ve used up your cartridge, you can simply recharge them and keep them with you at all times together with spare cartridges or e-liquid.

E-cigarettes also contain a patented mechanism that houses the vapour of the nicotine, so that the only person who’ll ever consume the toxin (which is still less than a regular cigarette), is the person inhaling it. This benefit means that they can be used safely, without risk of second hand smoking, which is ideal if there are people around that aren’t too keen on breathing in the smoke!

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Methods of nicotine replacement therapy

There are countless remedies on the market to assist with putting an end to smoking habits and some are reportedly more successful than others. After years of research, the market has been bombarded with quick-fix kits, in-home applications and everything in between! But these kits are greeted with mixed reviews and are often discarded as simple attempts for large companies to make money. Other treatments on the other hand are scientifically and medically proven to help people to quit smoking, so let’s take a look at what options are available to you.

Nicotine Patch -

One of the most notorious nicotine replacement products is the nicotine patch. They work in much the same way as a plaster would; being physically placed on your body in a temporary fashion. The patches contain a certain amount of nicotine that can be readily absorbed through your skin and into your blood stream. The results are that your body will have a consistent, yet lower, amount of nicotine being provided to it throughout your day. These patches come in varying intensities, so if you were to undergo a full course of treatment, you’d start with a higher dose, before gradually lowering that dose until your bodies’ craving for nicotine has been completely nullified.

As with most medical treatments, there are potential side effects including abnormal or detailed dreams that disturb you from your sleep pattern, itchy redness and soreness around the site of application, rashes, blurred vision, headaches, swelling around the application area and even irregular heartbeats. The reasons behind these rare but severe reactions are put down to the method in which the nicotine is absorbed by your body. Many users find that the urge to smoke is still present too, and end up either smoking whilst using the patch (which is extremely dangerous) or they simply peel them off, smoke and then put them back on again.

Nicotine Gum -

The next replacement product is nicotine gum. This type of treatment involves chewing gum that has been laced with nicotine of varying levels, in order to absorb the toxins in to your blood stream. This is believed to act in much the same way as ingesting nicotine from a cigarette, but on a much slower and lower scale. If you choose to use nicotine gum, it is advised to be taken on a carefully constructed course. Complications have been known to occur if a person accidentally consumes more gum than required, or misses their dosage completely. These complications range in severity, none of which are fatal, but all are beneficial to avoid.

ECigarettes -

Our website will be dedicated to explaining how this method can help you overcome your habits without too much discomfort. We review the best ecigarette brands on the market, what you can expect from them in terms of helping you switch from tobacco and the easist ways of getting them. We also give you the run down on how to choose which starter kit is best for you by looking at issues like: battery life, nicotine e-liquids, flavours and disposables vs refillables. By the time you finish looking at the site you will be in a great position to get started on your electronic cigarette journey.


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electronic cigarette reviews

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