GenGreenlife is your ultimate resource for going green.

GenGreenlife is your ultimate resource for going green.

Eco & Sustainable Fashion – Hemp Clothing

If you are a fashion lover, a lover of natural fibers, or even an environmentalist then hemp clothing is for you. Since this Green eco-friendly clothing is grown in the USA under the strict control of the federal government, it can be bought as authentic hemp clothing products. hemp clothing is woven from 100% organic hemp fibers, which is harvested in America from the very productive hemp plants.

Industrial hemp production vastly outweighs the use of non-organic cotton production in America. The US Government has regulated the importation of hemp clothing so that farmers who grow the plant to produce clothing can export their products without fear of prosecution from the United States Government. It is estimated that hemp clothing will account for a full fifth of the clothing market in the USA by 2021. Hemp clothing is made of naturally replenished fiber, making it environmentally friendly, and more affordable than any other non-organic fiber manufacturing businesses currently in operation. Hemp fabric is naturally hypoallergenic, chemical resistant, and cannot be damaged by washing, ironing, or dying.

The fiber from the hemp plant is extremely strong, has no itching, mildew or chlorine sensitivity, and does not require any special treatment to maintain its beautiful look. The use of the plant to produce clothing has made it widely available to many people in need of a good, comfortable, durable and eco-friendly outfit. By growing the plant locally, and harvesting it in such a way that the plant is left to reproduce naturally, we are able to insure that there are no chemicals or pesticides used in the growing process, nor are there any dangers of man made diseases to humans or the environment. If you’re looking for a comfortable, natural choice in clothes, hemp clothing is good to go.

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Coffee Conundrum: Think you’re doing your body good by skipping the caffeine in your latte? Theoretically you are, unless the decaf version gets that way from using methylene chloride (aka dichloromethane or DCM) in the decaffeination process. This colorless, volatile liquid with a sweet aroma is also commonly used as a paint thinner and degreaser. That’s not so easy to swallow.

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