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How To Live A GenGreenLife by Staying Young & Beautiful: How Do Botox and Dermal Fillers Work?

Elase dermal fillers and BotoxBotox is the branded name for a type of injection that relies on the botulinum toxin. It is said that Botox can reduce aging of the skin by fighting the signs of aging such as wrinkled skin. It does so by being injected into the dermal layers of the skin, triggering a reaction with skin cells and platelets that can act to ‘puff up’ cells. Once sufficiently puffy, the reaction is capable of filling wrinkles and age lines – creating a softer, smoother complexion that can defy the years.

Dermal fillers in general offer these types of results, but Botox in particular is one of the most well-known solutions within the cosmetic field.

Being FDA-approved and considered safe for use has certainly helped its credibility – which is a huge change compared to when the first product was made available and clients began suffering with toxicity. These days however, the formula has been refined to near-perfection, allowing surgeons and cosmetic specialists to inject the exact amount of the chemical required.

How do dermal fillers and Botox work?

Generally speaking, the fillers work not by actually filling in the gaps within wrinkles – but by triggering a reaction that results in swelling. The injectable products can be injected into most parts of the body, but they are predominantly used on the face; particularly the eyebrows, cheekbones and lips.

As the formula will contain catalysts within its composition, the actual liquid is completely useless until it is able to come into contact with blood cells and platelets underneath the skin. It’s this reaction that cosmetic specialists rely on to provide swelling in any given area – albeit controlled swelling that can provide the desired results of reduced age lines.

Are Botox injections safe?

This all depends on the type of dermal filler that’s being used, the part of the skin that is being injected and the skill level of the cosmetic specialist.

Botox and other named brands are considered safe for use, although most practitioners will suggest a trial whereby they can gage the reaction of the filler under the skin. Then there’s the layer of skin that will need to be evaluated. The upper layer won’t often need a filler – and that’s where Vampire Facials can be of benefit instead.

The middle dermal layer can be injected into and this will often be the case to combat the early signs of aging. For extreme wrinkles however, the lower layer will be injected with the formula. Only those that are licensed to practice these types of services will be permitted to do so within the United States, making concerns over skill levels fairly minimal – but as with all forms of cosmetic procedures; discussing options in full with a clinical expert can be worthwhile.