Herbal Vaporizer Pens

How Do Vaping Pens Work

Herbal vaping pens are smoking devices that cut out the harmful effects that usually come with smoking traditional cigarettes. They often use either an atomizer or cartomizer to heat up e-liquid, which produces vapor. They are quite popular among people who are trying to stop smoking – and if you fall into this category, you may find yourself wondering how vaping pens work.

Although they are a healthier alternative to smoking, they are still quite new – and as a result there may be some long term affects which may not yet be known.

How they work

A vape pen works by creating a vapor that’s inhaled by the person who uses the device. They contain a central heating component that slowly heats up the e-juice (between 350 to 400 degrees), until the point of combustion.

That’s when the vapor is produced. Normal smoking devices can sometimes rise to temperatures of over 1000 degrees, which can burn the product. It can also result in you inhaling harmful toxins and unwanted residue into your lungs.

Lighting a normal cigarette causes the tobacco to burn, which releases the smoke that contains nicotine. The user breathes in the smoke and delivers the nicotine to the lungs.

A vaping pen doesn’t follow the same process. Instead, it heats specially developed liquid and converts it into a vapor, or mist, that the user breathes in. An e-cigarette has 3 main parts: a rechargeable lithium battery, a vaporization chamber and a cartridge.

The parts

The lithium battery powers the e-cigarette and it can be charged using a charger that will generally be supplied with the device – it is advised that these shouldn’t be used with other chargers for safety and functionality reasons. The battery is connected to the vaporization chamber, which is a hollow tube that has the electronic controls and an atomizer (the component that creates the vapor).

Before the user turns on the device, they attach a cartridge containing the e-juice to the vaporization chamber. And lastly, the tip of the cartridge is the e-cigarette’s mouthpiece.

The e-liquid that goes into the cartridges is usually made of propylene glycol, which is an additive that has been approved for use in food. People can buy these cartridges and they can contain different amounts of nicotine, or no nicotine at all. Also, manufacturers usually add flavorings to the liquid.

They can pretty much be any flavour you can think of. Strawberry? Gummy Bear? Nacho? You got it!